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Winning Edge Grand Opening At Winning Edge, your health AND ours has become a major priority in our lives for various reasons. The items we sell on our site are the very same products that we use ourselves! We have both become health coaches and study all health supplements to make sure we only sell the best of the best! Also, the various books we’ve written are from our own PERSONAL experiences that we feel compelled to share with others on all sorts of topics including our Christian manuals on Worship Music, Help for Fallen Pastors and Clergy Wives.  We truly consider our customers a part of our family. Make yourselves at home while on our Winning Edge website, and discover help and healing for your life!

Just in case you haven’t had a chance to read our “About Us” page, we want you to know that at Winning Edge, you will find some of the very BEST all-natural and organic health supplements, skin, hair & body products, PLUS wonderful books, CD’s and videos on varied subjects.

Because of great customers like you, we have grown dramatically since we started selling our books in 1993, got on the internet in 1996, and added our amazing Baby Go to Sleep CD’s & pregnancy CD’s.

In 2002, I discovered Garden of Life, a company that literally changed our lives forever! Their awesome whole food vitamins, Primal Defense probiotics and OmegaZyme digestive enzymes healed things we had struggled with for years! Therefore, in 2004, we became Garden of Life e-tail sellers for their health supplements! It’s been such a blessing watching our customers have the same experience as we had – new, healthy bodies! This was something we HAD to share with all of you!

In 2007, we added World Nutrition to our inventory – absolutely amazed at the way Vitalzym systemic enzymes have healed SO many people with pain, inflammation, fibroid tumors, and so much more!

In 2008, I had an intense desire to expand even further. I had learned that not only staying healthy through vitamins, supplements and our diet was essential, but that everything we absorb through our SKIN is just as vitally important! Therefore, we added Love Me Baby Me children‘s all-natural and organic skin, hair and body care products that are 100% pure and luxurious, along with our baby and pregnancy items and gift baskets. Plus, our Limu Original miracle fucoidan juice! Fucoidan is one of the greatest cancer fighters known to man! Plus it heals so many other things that we just had to add this to our site.

Our philosophy is simple. We want to provide great customer service and we want to keep our prices as competitive as possible. Everything you see on our order pages (Books, CD’s, Garden of Life and Vitalzym health supplements, Sovereign Silver, Love Me Baby Me skin & hair products, etc) are available and will be shipped to you FAST because we want to be the BEST we can for you!

Our most joyous goal is to earn your repeat business because of the healing you receive through products we recommend to you AND to new customers you refer to our site. Our question line (for customers) is 1-719-598-5050 and our toll free number for ordering is: 1-800-841-4248.

Enjoy your orders from Winning Edge. We truly LOVE and BELIEVE in every product we sell or it wouldn’t be on our website! That is our promise and we’ve stuck to it for YEARS!

Helping & Healing Your Life,
Cathy & Tom Pedigo

Winning Edge at: http://win-edge.com

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